VGM - Verified Gross Mass

What does VGM mean in shipping?

VGM stands for "verified gross mass". It means that the weight of the container has been checked by one of two methods:

  1. By weighing the container after loading
  2. By weighing all the contents of the container and adding this to the weight of the empty container.

This is to prevent accidents due to incorrectly declared container weights.

Do I need to weigh the container?

For less than container load shipments, Panalpina organises the VGM declaration, as we are putting shipments from different parties together in a single container and only we will know the final weight.

Where do I see the VGM fee?

When you're getting a quotation or booking your shipment with Panalpina, you can choose to deliver your cargo to one of our container freight stations. You can also pick up your cargo from a CFS rather than having Panalpina organise delivery for you.

The verified gross mass fee is included in the origin charges when you get ocean quote. You can see these fees when you click on "view price details":

VGM - Verified Gross Mass

Where can I get more information on VGM?

The definitive source of information on verified gross mass (VGM) can be found on the pages of the International Maritime Organisation.