How to track your freight shipments

With an overview map and instant searching, keeping track of your shipments is really easy with Panalpina's customer portal

Don't worry if you haven't got access to our customer portal - you can still keep an eye on your shipments. Just follow these steps at the bottom of the page.

Get an overview of your cargo shipments

Once you're in Panalpina's customer portal, click "track" on the menu and you'll be taken directly to an overview of your shipments:

Track shipment

The map shows the shipments visible in the table below:

A map with all your shipments

If you jump to the next page of the table, the shipments on the map will automatically be updated to match with those on the table:

All your shipments updated in real time

In our example, the first page had 10 shipments whilst the second had only 2. You can see how the map updated as the shipments displayed in the table changed.

How to filter for different shipments

Filtering the results to find particular shipments is really quick and very straightforward. 

You can type directly into any of the boxes above one of the columns to filter that particular column. For example, to find shipments departing Frankfurt, just start typing into the box at the top of the "from" column. As you're typing the results will be continually refined and the map updated:

Filter your shipments

Filtering by date is also easy. For example, to filter by actual time (rather than e.g. planned time), click on the left box at the top of the "actual time" column to set the date of the beginning of the period for which you wish to filter and click the end date for the filter. The right box will automatically be updated with the end date. Press the "x" next to the dates to close the calendar and view the shipments:

Filter your shipments by date

There are times when you don't know which column contains the data you want to find. For that we have the "search a shipment" box between the table and map. Just start typing what you're looking for and the search box will show you where it can be found. For example, if you start typing "houston", the search box shows you that this can be found in the "from", "to" and "received" column. Just click on the one you want and the filter is updated immediately:

Search your shipments

How to view all shipments again

To go back to viewing all your shipments, simply clear the filters from any columns. For example, here the shipments are filtered for "Frank..." in the "from" column. Just delete the text from the box and you go back to viewing all your shipments again:

View all your shipments

Alternatively, press the "remove filter" icon to clear the filter from that particular column:

View all your shipments - Clear the filter

Are there more data columns?

Yes, there are! Click on "column display" to view all the columns and to add them:

View all your shipments - Column display

To rearrange the columns. just drag the column header to the new position:

View all your shipments - Column drag

How do I see details of an individual shipment?

There are two ways to view details of particular freight shipment in Panalpina's customer portal.

On the map, click on the icon and then click "track" to view more details:

View all your shipments in detail

In the table, click on the "track" button at the far right of the table. If you're got a few columns, you might need to scroll to the right:

View all your shipments in detail

In the details screen you can see the milestones. The scroll bar itself is a smaller version of the milestone route with the currently visible milestone having a lighter overlay. This is particularly useful for when your shipment has many milestones.

View all your shipments milestones

Scrolling down below the map, you can see all the details of your freight shipment, such as the shipper and consignee, any references you might have included and the voyage or flight number.

See all the details of your freight shipment

How to get back to the overview of all my shipments?

To get back to the overview screen, press the back arrow at the top left of the page:

Get an overview of your freight shipment with Panalpina