Stackable Cargo

For less-than-container-load (LCL) ocean freight, we ask whether your shipment is stackable; i.e. can other shipments be placed on top of yours and can your shipment be placed on top of other shipments?

If your shipment is in a weight-bearing package, such as a strong, wooden crate, then other cargo can be placed on top of it. This means we have more flexibility where we can place it in the container, as it doesn't have to be on the top-most layer.

Where do I select if my cargo is stackable?

In the quotation and booking screens, you move the slider to indicate that your cargo is stackable.

Stackable Cargo

By default, we assume that your shipment can have other freight stacked on top of it.

Is there a benefit to marking by shipment as stackable?

Yes, your shipment will be slightly cheaper because we can be more flexible in where we place your cargo in the container. If your freight cannot have other cargo stacked on top of it, we will charge slightly more.

How do I know if my freight is stackable?

If you're ordering from a specialist packaging supplier, you can ask them to ensure that your cargo packaging is weight-bearing and allows other shipments to be placed on top. If you're designing your own packaging, there are many online guides to proper stackable packaging design for air and ocean freight.