How to get a price for LCL freight

In container shipping such as ocean and rail freight, LCL stands for less than container load. It means that the shipment by itself isn't enough to fill the container. You can find more information about LCL and other freight term in our help centre. 

Getting a price for an LCL shipment is really quick and straightforward with Panalpina's customer portal. We only need a few bits of information to instantly give you a price for your shipment. Just follow these steps:

Start a new LCL quotation

To start a new quotation for a less than container load shipment, first click "new quote" on the menu and then select "Ocean LCL":

Start a new LCL quotation

Enter the shipment information

Firstly, to give you a price for your LCL shipment, we need to know where your cargo is going from and where it is heading.

For both the "from" (origin) and "to" (destination) locations, you can either enter an address or a Panalpina warehouse (CFS, container freight station).

To enter an address, just start typing the address. The field will auto-complete for you.

Enter the shipment information - Enter the address

You can also choose addresses you've saved to your contacts. Set the slider above the address box to "yes" and then choose from the list:

Enter the shipment information - Enter the address from your contact list

For a container freight station (CFS), select the "Panalpina Warehouse (CFS)" button and then start typing to find a CFS. For example, you might want to find the container freight stations for Germany, in which case just type "Germany" or "DE", the UN code for Germany, to immediately refine the list to show our warehouses in Germany:

Enter the shipment information - container freight station

When should you pick a warehouse or an address? Check out our page on container freight stations (CFS) to find out.

Once you've entered the two addresses, you can see them visualised on the map:

Enter the shipment information - map

Now we need to know how much cargo you want to ship. Either enter the total weight and volume or give us the details of each piece.

Enter the shipment information - weight and volume

We only need the total weight and volume to give you a price, but if you enter more exact details, it will make the quotation more precise and save you having to enter the same details later when you want to book the quotation.

Enter the shipment information - save details

You can also choose if your cargo is stackable. To find out more, please read our page on stackable cargo.

Finally, you can change the Incoterm if necessary. The Incoterms available to choose from will depend on the types of locations you choose earlier, i.e. whether you entered a CFS or an address. For example, EXW (ex-works) is only available if you have entered an address in the "from" (origin) box.

Enter the shipment information - incoterm

In addition, the Incoterms and addresses also dictate which additional services are available, such as customs clearance.

Get your offer

Now we have all the information we need to give you a quotation for your LCL shipment - just press "get a quote":

Get a quote for your LCL shipment

On the offer page, you can view more details of the price by selecting the price details slider.

Get a quote for your LCL shipment - Pricing Details

This shows which charges are included in which part of the price.

What next?

Now that you have the price for your LCL shipment, you can either jump straight to booking it, save it for later (maybe you need to think about whether or not you want to book just yet) or simply choose to delete it.

Book your LCL shipment with Panalpina