Package types

Where do I select the packaging type?

The types of packing materials available in the customer portal are based on the UNECE Recommendation 21. You can select from the following when entering details for both quotations and bookings for your cargo with Panalpina. These are mapped to the codes frequently used by customs to describe the type of packaging on a shipment.

Package type with Panalpina Customer Portal


The above terms are then combined to indicate between which two locations your freight will be shipped.

When making a bookings or a quotation, the information is available in the sidebar (except on mobile):


A box made from cardboard, from between 0.001 m3 and 1 kg to 0.5 m3 and 50 kg. No open sides. UNECE code CT.


A wooden case, such as those used to protect machinery, up to a maximum of 1 m3 and 300 kg. No open sides. UNECE code CS.


A box up to a maximum of 0.5 m3 and 50 kg. No open sides. UNECE code PK.


A load on a standardised pallet, for example a EUR pallet.


A loose item that doesn't fit any of the above descriptions. The item should be rigid enough or sufficient protected to withstand transport.