Movement type

What is the movement type?

The movement type shows between which type of locations your shipment will be transported.

What are the different movement type components?

"Door" means the cargo will be delivered to or picked up from an address specified by you.

"CFS" stands for container freight station and means that you will deliver the shipment to our warehouse or pick it up from our warehouse.

"Airport" means that you will deliver the freight to our nominated location at the airport or pick it up from our nominated location at the airport.

Outside of Panalpina's customer portal, you'll often see "door to port", "port to port" and so forth. Within our portal, we specify whether we mean airport or warehouse. 

Where do I find the movement type?

The above terms are then combined to indicate between which two locations your freight will be shipped.

When making a bookings or a quotation, the information is available in the sidebar (except on mobile):

Movement type

In the above example, an ocean freight less-than-container-load (LCL) shipment is being delivered by you to our container freight station (CFS), transported by ocean freight and then delivered by us on arrival to the address you've specified.