LCL - Less than container load

What is LCL?

In container shipping such as ocean and rail freight, LCL stands for less than container load. It means that the shipment by itself isn't enough to fill the container. Even a "small" 20 foot container (just over 6 metres long) can be filled with around 30 cubic metres of cargo, weighing up to 28 tonnes. In LCL, we take cargo from multiple customers and combine them in a single container to fill it up.

When should I pick LCL?

If your freight isn't enough to fill up a container (see above, say a few pallets), and it doesn't have special requirements that would prevent your cargo from being mixed with other goods, then LCL is a good choice if you don't need your shipment in a hurry. Ocean freight can take over a month depending on the distance travelled. If you need your cargo more urgently (For example, within a few days) then you should look at air freight instead.

Where do I choose LCL?

When getting a quotation or making a direct booking, the first question we'll ask is whether you want to ship via LCL, FCL or air.

LCL - Choose your mode of transport