ISF - Importer Security Filing

What is ISF?

ISF stands for "importer security filing" and refers to information that must be submitted to US customs latest 24 hours before the cargo sails. It only applies to ocean freight.

ISF is also known as a "10+2" because the importer security filing contains 10 pieces of information coming from the importer (hence the name) and 2 pieces of information from the carrier. You can see the details of the data elements in the legislation.

Can I change the ISF during the journey?

Yes, you can update the importer security filing throughout the journey. Let us know if a change occurs and we can submit an updated ISF.

What's the ISF fee?

Panalpina puts together and submits the ISF using the data you provided as part of the booking process. This charge covers our costs for doing so.

My cargo isn't going to the US - why do I have to pay the ISF fee?

Even cargo that remains on board (foreign retained on board, FROB) of a ship calling at a US port has to have a submitted ISF. This is also known as an ISF-5 (since it contains 5 pieces of information) and will be put together by Panalpina on your behalf, hence why we charge the fee.

Where do I see the ISF fee?

In Panalpina's customer portal, the ISF fee is included in the origin charges.

FOB - Importer Security Filing

Further reading on ISF?

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) ยง149 Importer Security Filing