FAQ - Quote

What does "LCL" stand for?

LCL stands for "less than full container load".

It is a general reference for identifying cargo in any quantity intended for carriage in a container, where the carrier is responsible for packing and/or unpacking the container. 

What is a CFS and when should I choose it instead of a pick up or delivery address?

A CFS is a "container freight station." If you bring your freight to or collect it at a CFS, you save the cost for pickup and/or delivery.

Why do I get an error when entering addresses?

Make sure that you are entering an address without the company name, i.e. begin with the street or city. 

Please include as much information as possible while entering the address, especially country, city and zip code. Without this information,  the address may not found and a price may not be retrieved.

How do I pick the right commodity?

For the time, being only General Cargo (or Freight all kind) can be served. 

What are reason for not receiving a quotation?

There may be different reasons, such as locations which are not served, no online price calculation possible, or the cargo is not suitable for the requested service. In any case, you can click on "contact me directly" to request assistance from our customer service.

How long are quotations valid for?

The quotation is valid until the shown validity date on the "Offer/Response screen".

How can I reuse a quotation?

In the "quotation" section, on the right side of each quotation row you can find an edit button, and from here you eventually review or duplicate a quotation.

What are the differences between the air freight services?

The main differences are related to prices and transit times.

Are the prices shown based on my agreed rates?

No, prices are based on spot rates.

Is stack-able cargo cheaper?

Yes, if the cargo can be stacked then the price will most likely be cheaper.

What is the movement type and what do the different types mean?

Movement type is a two or three-digit identification key for a goods movement. Below the ones you can find during the quotation process: